July 10-12, 2019

In collaboration with:
Never Apart

Artist: Rojin Shafiei | Photo: Edwin Isford

ArtupFest is back with a 3-day pop-up during Startupfest!

This year, for its second iteration, ArtupFest will recognize the creators that push boundaries in the tech world by showcasing their prototypes. ArtupFest invites attendees to interact with installations on-site to catch a glimpse of this very important stage of development. The ArtupFest exhibition will inspire, allow attendees to explore, and advance the links between art and technology.

ArtupFest is a gathering for artists, designers, creative innovators, makers, technologists, as well as the curious on-lookers.

What to expect:

ArtupFest will be presented across 3 days at Startupfest as an interactive exhibition that plugs art into the tech community. Attendees will be able to give valuable feedback after hands-on experience, and a panel of esteemed judges will vote for their favourite. The winner will be awarded an exhibition at Centre Never Apart.

Come interact with creators, and experience a one of a kind exhibition.

Interact with a unique exhibition of prototypes

Connect with like-minded visionaries

One exhibitor will win the Best of ArtupFest prize

The Prize

Andy Nulman; Rojin Shafiei (2018 ArtupFest Winner); Nathalie Hazan

The ArtupFest Prize aims to reveal and promote talented creatives as well as further develop an existing prototype. The winner of ArtupFest will receive an upcoming seasonal exhibition of 3 months at the Centre Never Apart, including the promotion of the exhibit on their website, in a printed program and an online magazine.

For creators, the entry to ArtupFest is by invitation only and the winner will be decided by a juried panel.

Prize criteria:

Open to professional artists and creatives in any field that dare to imagine a perfect union of art and tech that will be accessible to a wide public. The prize is open to all creators, with no limits on age, nationality or place of residence.

  • Creators must receive an invitation to participate in the exhibition
  • Work that is plugged-in, computer-driven or interactive
  • A project that is open, accessible and inclusive

Judges 2019

Dax Dasilva

Founder & CEO, Lightspeed | Founder, Never Apart

Elizabeth-Ann Doyle

Artistic and Executive Director | MU

Philippe DeMers

CEO, Creative Director | MASSIVart
Fondateur | Chromatic 

Clarence Epstein

Executive Director | Claudine and Stephen Bronfman Family Foundation

Louis-Richard Tremblay

Producer | NFB

ArtupFest Agenda

More details to come!

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