Frequently Asked Questions

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The Event

When is Startupfest 2022?
Startupfest 2022 is back, in-person from July 13-15th in the Old Port of Montreal (Quebec, Canada). Register now to reserve your spot!
Where is Startupfest 2022 being held?
Startupfest is returning to where it all started back in 2011. Join us in Montreal at the Grand Quai of the Port of Montreal (formerly Alexandra Pier), 200 Commune Street West.
Can I be a volunteer at the event?
Definitely! We’re currently searching for awesome volunteers to help us out at the event. Plus, volunteering 10 hours at Startupfest gives you the awesome perk of a free pass for the rest of Startupfest!
Can I become a Startupfest Tent Champion?
At Startupfest, the Tent Village is one of the most unique, and attractive aspects of the entire event. If you’re interested in hosting a tent during Startupfest 2022, please
Send us a message to learn more about the partnership opportunities at Startupfest.
Is there somewhere for me to put my stuff?
Yes! Enjoy free Locketgo service by renting a locker through the “Locker reservation” tab of our app.
Are there any off events happening?
Yes! You can check them out on this page, and even submit your own if you want to organize one.
Is there any way for me to be more involved at Startupfest?
Of course! Check out our Get Involved page to see all the ways you can sponsor, participate, or help out.
Can I be a volunteer at the event?
Definitely! We’re currently searching for awesome volunteers to help us out at the event. Plus, volunteering 10 hours at Startupfest gives you the awesome perk of a free pass for the rest of the Fest! Sign up to volunteer here.
I'd like to promote my company or my products at Startupfest. Is that possible?
Yes! When registering, simply add a Demo table to your cart. Register here. If you’ve already registered, send us an email.
I live far away and getting to Startupfest might be difficult for me. What can I do?
There are many ways for you to get to Montreal in time for the event. Check out our Lodging and Travel page for hotel and travel suggestions, and even an Air Canada code for a 15% conference discount. You can also join one of our roadtrips and delegations leaving from Toronto, Vermont, Calgary and even France, to name a few! Check out the page here.
What should I wear at the event?
Keep it casual! It’s summer in Montreal, and temperatures and humidity soar in the summertime. Keep it casual; shorts, jeans, and T-shirts are the dress code at Startupfest. We do have large lounges with floors, but a good part of the venue is on grass, so we suggest you don’t wear heels! Expect it to be a bit cooler at night. Check out the forecast!


How do I register for Startupfest?
You can select your ticket and register here for Startupfest 2022 or through our Eventbrite page.
What is the ticketing policy?
All tickets are in CAD$ and include all fees and taxes. Tickets are non-refundable, non-shareable, and only transferable up to one week before the event.
Who should register for Startupfest?
We encourage active startups, investors, and accredited media to register for Startupfest!
Startup tickets are recommended for founders and employees of young startups (less than 5 years in the making) in, but not limited to, technology and innovation industries. Startups are NOT a large corporation, a government, a mentor, or a service provider.
What is the difference between ‘Startup’ and ‘All Other’ ticket packages?
There is no difference between the ticket packages, however, you will be classified as ‘Startup’ or ‘Other’ which can have an impact on your networking or matchmaking activities.
Are there group rates available?
Yes! Send us a message to learn more about our group prices and discounts.
I have an unused ticket from Startupfest 2020. Can I use it to attend Startupfest 2022?
All Startupfest 2020 ticket holders who didn’t request a refund at the time can use their ticket(s) to attend the 2022 event instead. Didn’t receive an email from us with a code to register? Check your spam folder or send us a message.


Can I follow you on social media?
Of course! Here are the links to our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.
Who organizes Startupfest?
We, at La Fondation du Startup de Montréal, are a small team who are glad to bring Startupfest to life every year. We’re an all-Canadian team of event organizers and technologists behind some of the world’s most influential technology events, like FWD50 and Startupfest.
I'd like to promote Startupfest on my website or other. Could I get your logo and some info?
We have a Media Kit page complete with a history, a one liner and different logo layouts. Check it out here!

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